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Composer: Miguel Jaubert Musicians: Miguel Jaubert: violoncello, synthesizers, piano, vocals and guitar Sissi del Castillo: percussion Alberto Méndez: Bass Luisa Machado: vocals Cristóbal Jaubert: Violonchelo

Rhythm of Imperials
Miguel Jaubert + Reaasri This album features a unique combination of many different genres of ethereal orchestration by Maestro Professor Miguel Jaubert Rius from Spain, a cello teacher


In this first work, David’s Pianosound and Miguel Jaubert come together to make an album, uniting two languages, two instruments and two ways of seeing music and life. A Spaniard in the Canary Islands, and an Italian living in London, each with their own roots. More than a year composition and continuous revision. The result: TRUTHLY, an album of seven songs that invoke feelings, images and emotions…

HIGHLOW Haiku Suite

Art Direction Design & Video for music album. Miguel Jaubert & Raquel Lojendio. Featured in Gramnmy Awards 2021 Category Global Music. Produced and recorded in Canary Islands, Spain and Texas, USA


Mösting 3º12’S 5º12’O

Desarrollo de Imagen y comunicación para el proyecto “Mösting” de Miguel Jaubert que incluye diseño de un CD Álbum Digipack, video y publiaciones web.

Creativo Profesional, Diseñador Gráfico, Pintor, Grabador, Realizador de Vídeo, Experto en Comunicación e Internet, Director de Arte, hoy por hoy considerado un “Creador Digital”.

Professional Creative, Graphic Designer, Painter, Engraver, Video Producer, Communication and Internet Expert, Art Director, today considered a “Digital Creator”.