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Rhythm of Imperials
Miguel Jaubert + Reaasri

This album features a unique combination of many different genres of ethereal orchestration by Maestro Professor Miguel Jaubert Rius from Spain, a cello teacher and self-taught guitarist and composer alongside Reaasri, a singer from Malaysia. East and West united by the language of music, building bridges towards another global dimension. The different themes in which they play with voices, cello, orchestras and rhythms make this mix a unique and magical result, which will surely not leave anyone who listens indifferent.

Album/Track/Single Title: RHYTHM OF IMPERIALS

Track listing (Album)

1. Unil Indru 1:44
2. Umarekawa 0:57
3. Fearless fire of Love 4:00
4. The King of Golden Paradise 7:20
5. Regal King 6:12
6. Living 3:57
7. Dessert Rose 4:41
8. Believe in you 7:34
9. Maha BhuThani 7:13

Recording Date: 10/12/2021
Release Date: 06/24/2022
Group Member Names
Producer, Engineer, Mixer and Mastering Engineer: MIGUEL JAUBERT

Miguel Jaubert: music & Reaasri: lyrics
Record at THE ROOM, Tenerife, Canary Island
Anaga Classics 


Rythm of


Cello player, self-taught guitarist and composer. He studied with Lluis Claret and Raphael Wallfisch. He has been a member of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and has belonged and composed for dance groups, theater, contemporary music, alternative, jazzrock, fusion, multimedia, audiovisual … He has a large number of recordings of his own songs in CDs and other formats. He is currently Vice Principal and cello teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Canarias, Tenerife and also artistic director of  the label and record platform Anaga Classics. He is a member of the group Major Tom Project, Iki-Gai Tube with Axu Peña. He is currently immersed in the projects; MÖSTING, cello, Sissi del Castillo percussion and Rodrigo Cornejo Visuals, a duo with Reaasri, singer from Malaysia and the latest project with the soprano Raquel Lojendio.

from Malaysia.
Malaysian born and raised singer Reaasri have experience in music field nearly 20 years
Reaasri is a soulful singer.
Her voice touches the soul of the listeners and capture their mind instantly.
Reaasri is a versatile vocalist who is able to sing in almost any genre from western Orchestral, Ambient,Epic,R&B, Arabic, Indian,Tribal to Movie background scores & Trailers.
She has worked with American movie Composers to indipendant Musicians like Eric Mantras, Movie scores & trailers Composer Timothy Shortell & Tim Grogan , Spain Orchestral Maestro Professor Miguel Jaubert Rius, Composer Enrique Martin from Spain ,Movie Composer Roman Lewiarz from Germany and many more.
Reaasri also composes her own melody and Lyrics writing as well.

Creativo Profesional, Diseñador Gráfico, Pintor, Grabador, Realizador de Vídeo, Experto en Comunicación e Internet, Director de Arte, hoy por hoy considerado un “Creador Digital”.

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